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Cracking the QR Code

Custom QR Codes: Be Strategic!

Part 5 of a 5 Part Series Called Cracking the QR Code

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Paden Followwill Go to Profile Paden Followwill
Published: 02/08/2011
Posted by: Real Estate Technology

qr-code-RETAs QR Code technology continues to expand and diversify in the real estate space and beyond, flexibility with this technology becomes more interesting. Some agents may just want a sticker to stick on their For Sales sign to point home buyers to their website, property details or to give their contact information. Other may have researched all the available QR Code technology solutions tailored for real estate needs, and not found what they are looking for.

QR Codes are versatile; they can be used, as we have seen, for mobile marketing, pointing to websites, they can point to mobile applications, and the can lead home buyers to an agent’s contact information.  They can be showcased in a variety of marketing materials like For Sale signs, property flyers, added to websites and property detail pages. 


Comments on: Custom QR Codes: Be Strategic!
by Victor Lund 2011-02-08 08:14:23
Remember the The Fixx
I'm going japanese, I think I'm going japanese, I really think so.

QR codes print just makes sense. Every time something is printed, it is locked in time and space. Price changes and other such critical information lives and changes.

It is because of this that print drives web traffic - and by print, I mean all print - signs, business cards, magazine ads, newspaper ads. etc. It all gets people rolling to your website. The Japanese figured this out, and leverage technology to match human behavior.

The only draw back is that most folks do not know what a QR code is. Good news is that they are free, easy to create, and you can distribute them like photos.

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Custom QR Codes: Be Strategic!

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