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Friday Funnies

A T-Mobile Royal Wedding Tribute

A Friday Funny

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Published: 05/06/2011
Posted by: RE Technology

funny_catIt takes a lot to make me watch a phone company's ad. I do not normally attribute humor to cell phone companies. When given the choice, I'd bypass a Verizon or AT&T ad as soon as possible.

But with over 19 million views and enough posts to my Facebook, this T-Mobile ad made it to the desk of our CEO and into my inbox. It was unavoidable.  That's the power of viral social media marketing. If it's good, and enough people like it, it stalks you until you like it too. So now I'm dropping this into your world too! I hope you feel the love!

To commemorate the Royal Wedding between Wills and Kate last week, T-Mobile's marketing team released a genuinely funny and staged "dance-off" between members of the royal family at the wedding.

It just goes to show edutainment is a great way to market your services to your target audience. I may never have given T-Mobile the time of day before, but they made me laugh and now I'm more open to listening.

Does this marketing video have the same effect on you? Watch and see!


Comments on: A T-Mobile Royal Wedding Tribute
by Victor Lund 2011-05-06 06:39:06
If my wife and I ever renew our vows - this is the plan - awesome!

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A T-Mobile Royal Wedding Tribute

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