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Would You Hire Yourself?: 11/06/2011

Would You Hire Yourself?

By Guest Contributor Ricardo Bueno of Diverse Solutions

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Published: 11/06/2011
Posted by: RE Technology

Hire me!

Guest contributor Ricardo Bueno of Diverse Solutions brings us this article:

It used to be that a good website design used to make you stand out. Now, a good design is the cost of admission. If you want to compete, you need a solid design and the content to support it.

Good content is an attraction strategy. It’s what gets people to come to your website. It’s what gets people to stay on your website as they read through local community info, market updates and more.

But, it has to be current. Because if it isn’t current, you may as well not exist.

In looking at 10 (random) real estate blogs today, here’s what I find:

  • 6 in-active blogs (the content hasn’t been updated in about 2 months)
  • 4 active blogs (the content has been update within the last 2-3 weeks)
  • 7 Twitter accounts (most of them broadcasting new listings, only one with @ replies to people)
  • 3 Facebook pages (most of them with very little content)

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