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Why Real Estate Websites Don't Generate Leads: 01/04/2017

Why Real Estate Websites Don't Generate Leads

By CJ Hays on the Adwerx blog

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Published: 01/04/2017
Posted by: RET Staff

adwerx_real_estate_websites_dont_generate_leads_1Websites are online containers for your branding, lead capture tools and calls to action (CTAs). You could have the greatest looking website in the world with the best CTAs and lead capture tools, but without TRAFFIC, the tools will go unused. Websites, in of themselves, do not generate leads without traffic.

Getting traffic to your site today is totally different than it was "back in the day." Four years ago, even, if you were doing SEO correctly, you actually had a chance to appear on page one of the search engines organically, whether from your own efforts or from those of a professional SEO company.

Now that Google has removed the "7-pack," most of the page one search results are filled up with Zillow, Redfin,, Trulia, Movoto and international brokerages. Organic traffic has been reduced significantly. Then again, Google has been acquiring real estate technology companies, and who knows what is around the corner.

Organic search results are dying, so you need to pay for real estate leads or traffic.

That gives you two options. You can pay for leads from the Zillows of the world, Facebook ads, seller lead systems, display ads, etc., or hire a company that manages pay-per-click campaigns on your behalf. Back in the day, BoomTown was the leader and now there are any number of companies offering PPC lead generation for Realtors.


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Why Real Estate Websites Don't Generate Leads

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