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Tips for Taming Your Inbox: Setting Up Canned Responses: 01/03/2017

Tips for Taming Your Inbox: Setting Up Canned Responses

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Published: 01/03/2017
Posted by: RET Staff


According to a survey by Adobe Systems Inc., U.S. workers spend 6.3 hours a day checking email. That's a significant portion of your workday! Much of that time is spent crafting the perfect response. However, often you're responding to similar requests from your clients and colleagues. Today, we'll help you create efficiency by using canned responses to set up email templates you can use over and over again. With these readily available templates you will save time (and avoid typos!) for email messages you frequently send. Follow the simple steps below.

Setting up Canned Responses

Many email services have options to create email templates, or canned responses, that can be saved and inserted into new emails. Below are step by step instructions to set this up for Gmail or Outlook.


1. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail, then choose Settings.

2. Click the Labs tab, find Canned Responses, click the Enable radio button to enable Canned Responses, scroll down and click Save Changes.



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Tips for Taming Your Inbox: Setting Up Canned Responses

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