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The 3 Digital Ads You Need for Real Estate--and Why: 01/09/2017

The 3 Digital Ads You Need for Real Estate--and Why

By Lauren Walker on the Adwerx blog

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Published: 01/09/2017
Posted by: RET Staff

adwerx_kinds-digital-adsMost agents have embraced the fact that digital advertising matters. But digital advertising can seem like a black box.

  • What kind of ads work best?
  • Who will see your ads?
  • What should your ads say?

We've outlined three kinds of digital ads, who they are for and how you use them.

1. Digitals ads for people you already know

Wait, why would you advertise to people you already know?

According to data from NAR, over 60 percent of your business comes from people you have a relationship with — your sphere of influence. You worked together. You're in the same book club. You already helped them buy or sell. Maybe you're even related.

These are the people who will refer you and give you their real estate business. But only if (and this is a big "if") you nurture those relationships.

"A person in your network doesn't know she's in your network if you don't maintain the connection," says Jeff Lobb of SparkTank Media. That means if you aren't nurturing those relationships, you can't really say those people are part of your sphere anymore.

Among the many nurture tactics you might be using, digital ads are simple — no big newsletter to write. They are subtle — they don't interrupt meetings, they don't fill up inboxes and they don't require a reply. And they are targetable — you can segment your database and create custom messages for each group.

For more on this, check out, "Care and feeding of your sphere of influence."


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The 3 Digital Ads You Need for Real Estate--and Why

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