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Real Estate Blogging: Quantity, Not Detail!: 03/25/2010

Real Estate Blogging: Quantity, Not Detail!

Real Estate Tomato's Blogging Tips to Ensure Your Success!

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Published: 03/25/2010
Posted by: RE Technology

Beginning a blog is hard. What do you write? How long does it have to be? Does it fully capture who you are and what you can offer your readers without making you sound lame?

Jim Cronin of Real Estate Tomato hears these types of questions all day long, when working with real estate professionals who want to begin to blog. In answer to these frantic, initial questions, here's what he has to say:

"The following is based on a phone rant that I have let loose so many times that I’m starting to feel myself on auto-pilot, almost thinking about something else, as I explain the basic formula to guaranteed blogging success. It struck me that I need to write this down before I mistakenly consider it to be no longer relevant. The fact is that it couldn’t be more relevant for new and struggling real estate bloggers.

I am adding this article to the Pre-Class Homework that all of our new clients will receive, for it is the foundation of their path to blogging reward.


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Real Estate Blogging: Quantity, Not Detail!

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