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Prospecting on a Budget: The 5 Business Card Challenge: 03/13/2012

Prospecting on a Budget: The 5 Business Card Challenge

A guest post from the Lockbox Blog

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Published: 03/13/2012
Posted by: RE Technology Lockbox has graciously allowed us to repost this article from their Lockbox blog.

A few years ago, back when I was in real estate brokerage, I worked with a man named Allan. Allan was the Director of Training, and he was great at it. Jovial and good-natured,he had a knack for storytelling; Allan could take the ordinary and turn it into the legendary. That, combined with his deep well of real estate knowledge, made him a can’t miss real estate instructor. I learned quite a bit from him, but there’s one training session in particular that really resonated with me.

Prospecting on a Budget.

Wow. The title alone was intriguing. Real estate’s a tough business. As an agent, you’re chief cook and bottle-washer; you’re self-employed and you’ve got to run every aspect of your business from accounting, marketing, business planning to prospecting and follow-up. And for the most part, the budgets that we have to work with usually aren’t quite as large as we’d like them to be.

That’s why this particular training session was so intriguing. Allan covered a lot of ground in his 3 hours – online & offline -  some of the ideas were pie-in-the-sky, and some were practical and easy to implement.

But there was one suggestion that was pure genius. It wasn’t high tech, and it wasn’t even particularly clever – but it was genius nonetheless.


Comments on: Prospecting on a Budget: The 5 Business Card Challenge
by Ann Gravel 2012-03-20 16:10:13
I think that this is a great idea for those who need to rev up business or just starting out in the profession.

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Prospecting on a Budget: The 5 Business Card Challenge

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