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Matt Fagioli is a Gracious Guy: 09/26/2011

Matt Fagioli is a Gracious Guy

By Victor Lund, RE Technology CEO

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Published: 09/26/2011
Posted by: RE Technology

Today, finding a brand that is not too awkward, and has an available domain name, Twitter handle, and Facebook handle is pretty hard. At one point, I was thinking that there could be a business built around pulling these three online brand identities together and selling them to new companies. I spoke with a friend who does movie marketing for Sony – she laughed in my face – saying that they spend so many millions marketing their media that they can invent brands and identities  - and that is what they do.

Yielding her advice, we did not worry too much when we named RE Technology. We ended up getting retechnologyinc on twitter and facebook – which was fine. But xplode founder Matt Fagioli called us today with a gift. He gave us the twitter handle @retechnology! Moreover, he showed us how to move all of our twitter followers over to that account from the RE Technology account, without disturbing anything.


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Matt Fagioli is a Gracious Guy

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