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How to Follow-up with Buyer and Seller Leads the RIGHT Way: 07/24/2016

How to Follow-up with Buyer and Seller Leads the RIGHT Way

By Kyle Strohschein on The Paperless Agent blog

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Published: 07/24/2016
Posted by: RET Staff

home-cell-laptopLast week, we shared some campaigns you can use to start driving people to your website. While we divvied the campaigns by the type of lead they're most likely to generate–low intent, medium intent, or high intent–there's still a chance for any of the campaigns to generate any type of lead. The Home Value campaign might find a seller that needs to list their home right away, or the Home Search campaign might find a buyer ready to buy now.

That's why you need a method for sorting the leads that are low intent–still a ways off from being ready to actively engage in the home buying or selling process–and medium and high intent leads who are ready to take action now or in the near future. After all, if you don't respond to someone who is ready to act now, they are going to go somewhere else!

To do this, you should make an instant offer, something that buyers or sellers would want to take you up on if they're ready to act now.

Offer for Home Buyers: The Home Buyer Direct Access Program

When you run a Home Search campaign, occasionally you'll find a buyer that seems low intent, but is actually ready to make the move. Maybe they're masking their intent until they get a better ready on you. Maybe they just need to see the right property to spur them to action. Regardless, you need a way to sort those buyers out.


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How to Follow-up with Buyer and Seller Leads the RIGHT Way

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