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Friday Freebies

Friday Freebie: Analyze (and Improve!) Your 2017 Marketing Plan

By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Editor

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Kelly Phelan Go to Profile Kelly Phelan
Published: 12/08/2016
Posted by: RET Staff


Last month, we talked about setting goals for lead generation in order to increase your commissions in 2017. A crucial part of acquiring and converting those leads is in how you market yourself and your listings. Today, we're highlighting a free marketing assessment tool that will analyze your existing marketing plan and offer improvements based on how it's currently performing.

Free Marketing Assessment from®

Ready to make your marketing plan the best it's ever been in the year ahead? Then it's time to take a hard look at its strengths and weaknesses.

To make this process easy,® is offering every Realtor with a valid NRDS ID a free plan analysis. Simply answer questions about the following to receive a marketing game plan for 2017, customized to your specific needs.

  • Planning - What are your financial goals for next year? Find out exactly how many leads you need to generate each month in order to reach or exceed those goals.
  • Training - Consumer expectations are evolving quickly. Are you staying on top of the latest tools and trends? Learn how your knowledge base stacks up, and what education or training initiatives you can undertake to improve what you know.
  • Organization - Time is money, and getting bogged down in administrative tasks that don't directly lead to more commissions is a poor use of your time. Find out how you can better organize your workflow, and the tools that can help, in order to get a better return on your time.
  • Prospecting - Which lead generation activities perform best for you? Which have lackluster results? By identifying your prospecting strength and weaknesses, you can maximize the results of your marketing.
  • Conversion - You've generated a new lead, but are you converting them into a client? Find out how the way to deal with leads (like response time) affects your conversion rates, and how you can improve your processes.

After completing questions in the five areas above, you'll receive a PDF that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your current plan and helps you make smart, performance-based improvements.

Ready to see how your marketing plan stacks up? Get your free 2017 marketing assessment today!


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Friday Freebie: Analyze (and Improve!) Your 2017 Marketing Plan

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