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Facebook Remarketing as Part of Your Real Estate Strategy: 12/01/2016

Facebook Remarketing as Part of Your Real Estate Strategy

By Chris Leo on the Leading Agent blog

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Published: 12/01/2016
Posted by: RET Staff

la_Remarketing-FB-strategy_1This time of year, as things are winding down, I find myself reflecting on the past months. Specifically, I think about what things really resonated with our client base and prospects, which took off, and what things did not. This year, there was one thing that grew exponentially more than anything I can remember in prior years.

What is this thing, you ask? It is Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is a fantastic platform for Realtors to generate leads and get new business. It's fantastic because you can target your "ideal customers" using their Ads Manager Audiences tool. It is also fantastic because, unlike many other marketing platforms out there for Realtors, Facebook advertising is open to anyone, whether you have a huge advertising budget, or are just starting out on a shoestring.

It took a while for the real estate industry to so completely embrace Facebook advertising, but now that they have, I am extremely happy to see it. Understanding technology is difficult for some agents. The fact that even those that are somewhat "technologically challenged" are embracing it is very encouraging to me.

That said, there is still a long way to go. In fact, I would suggest that many Realtors have only reached the first stage of this journey and that there are many, many more things they can use to enhance their campaigns, and get even more qualified leads to put into their pipeline.

With that in mind, today I'll touch on one often overlooked feature of Facebook advertising that will help you nurture prospects and turn them into qualified leads in ways you never thought possible. This is done using the Facebook Pixel, and creating what are referred to as Facebook remarketing campaigns. There are four great ways you can take advantage of this tool and help turn more prospects into qualified leads.


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Facebook Remarketing as Part of Your Real Estate Strategy

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