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Facebook Personal vs. Facebook Business: Which Should You Use?: 07/04/2016

Facebook Personal vs. Facebook Business: Which Should You Use?

By Lauren Walker on the Adwerx blog

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Published: 07/04/2016
Posted by: RET Staff


Many real estate agents have used Facebook Profiles when they should be using Facebook Pages instead. Read on to learn what the difference is and why we prefer Facebook Pages for Realtors.

But first, what's the difference between Facebook Profiles and Pages?

The first thing you need to know is that you can't have a Facebook Page without having a Profile first. When you sign up for Facebook, you create a personal profile and add your family and friends to your network. We repeat: that's where your family and friends are going to be; therefore, it is not the appropriate place to talk about business stuff like new listings or how many houses you've sold this month.

Not only will your friends find it annoying, but it's actually against Facebook's terms of service — if your business is set up as a Profile, you could have your Profile removed without any notice.

So where do you talk about business? That's where Facebook Pages comes in. With Pages, you have an outlet specific for your real estate biz. And what's more, the people who have 'liked' your Page actually expect to get industry-related updates from you. That's (usually) why they liked the Page in the first place.

  • Pro tip: Give your Facebook Page a purpose. Create regular, useful content to give your fans a reason to return.
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Facebook Personal vs. Facebook Business: Which Should You Use?

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