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Facebook Ads: 5 Must Do's Before You Publish an Ad: 01/26/2017

Facebook Ads: 5 Must Do's Before You Publish an Ad

By Annapoorna Shanbhag on the Lone Wolf blog

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Published: 01/26/2017
Posted by: RET Staff


Facebook ads are now a widely popular advertising medium in the real estate industry. These ads have replaced traditional practices that were not only time consuming but expensive, such as door-to-door flyers, mailers, etc. Facebook is a great way to ensure your ads directly reach your clients. Some of you may already know how to create these ads, but if you are just starting out, check out this guide by Andrew Fortune for beginners.

Once you are comfortable with the idea of posting ads on Facebook, here are five must do's before you publish an ad:

1. Be sure of your goal

Decide what you want as the result of your ads. If it's website clicks, make sure you understand you will get only these clicks. Have a strong derivative to avoid disappointment.

2. Target the right audience

I know it is pretty simple to use the target section in these ads. Select the gender, age, region, interests and you are good to go, right? Maybe not. Learn to use the exclude and geographic targeting options for your ads. Exclude people who you do not want to target—this helps greatly in creating the right audience for you. Spend more time tweaking this and keep checking the meter to see how many people can potentially see your ads.


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Facebook Ads: 5 Must Do's Before You Publish an Ad

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