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Did You Know You Can Farm a Neighborhood on Facebook JUST Like Postcard Farming?: 12/15/2016

Did You Know You Can Farm a Neighborhood on Facebook JUST Like Postcard Farming?

By Chris Leo on the Leading Agent blog

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Published: 12/15/2016
Posted by: RET Staff

la_fb-farming-like-postcardsWe're getting more and more questions about applying tried and true "old school" real estate marketing tactics to new technologies that are emerging on the scene. It's not always possible, of course, but there are quite a few great cases as to how you can apply these tactics, or even simultaneously use both the old and new platforms together, to create a marketing mash-up.

One of the most popular of these use cases has to do with using traditional real estate farming strategies in Facebook. This is my favorite one, and also the fastest growing segment of our client services, so today I'll share with you some ways you can use your traditional farming tactics on this digital platform to get more business and to succeed.

RULE #1: Remember, It's Never "This" vs. "That"

Before we begin, it's important to address one thing that we get asked all the time. While there are some marketing platforms out there that are terrible and do not work for real estate, there are plenty out there that are solid and work great. When comparing one of the solid ones to another, it is important that you NEVER think of it as, "Which is better?"

Take postcard farming vs. Facebook marketing, for instance. You can't think of things in terms of which is better. It's apples and oranges. Not only that, since there is no one single type of person in the world, you cannot put all your eggs in one marketing basket and turn your back on the other.

Some people like the tangible, and reading their mail and clipping coupons and handwriting letters are the way they conduct their lives. Others hate the mail and don't read the advertisements, BUT they will spend hours on Facebook, interacting with ads, posts and friends.

The only tried and true advice when it comes to which marketing vehicles you should use is the idea that you want to use a little bit of everything in moderation. Pick your platforms, and for sure stick with them, but make sure the sum total of those platforms represents a well rounded approach that is going to get you the most exposure possible.


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Did You Know You Can Farm a Neighborhood on Facebook JUST Like Postcard Farming?

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