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Correcting Barrel Distortion: 12/21/2010

Correcting Barrel Distortion

A Tutorial To Help Straighten Listing Photos

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Point2Agent Go to Profile Point2Agent
Published: 12/21/2010
Posted by: RET Staff
BarrelDistortion_image_1Have you ever tried photographing a room, but couldn't fit it all into one shot? Have you ever had sellers ask you to make their house look as BIG as possible in the listing photos? Have you ever felt cramped for space when shooting interior photos?

Of course you have—it's all a part of photographing real estate.

If you've been confronted with these problems enough, you may have broken down and purchased a ultra-wide angle lens or fisheye lens to extend your field of view. These lenses work great for real estate purposes, but your photos may inevitably suffer from barrel distortion.


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Correcting Barrel Distortion

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