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Converting Hot Leads: An Email Campaign for Real Estate Agents: 08/08/2016

Converting Hot Leads: An Email Campaign for Real Estate Agents

By Katharina Cavano on the Contactually blog

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Published: 08/08/2016
Posted by: RE Technology


You've got several clients on the verge of making a big purchase, their new home, but you're worried they need that extra push or help along the way. Most real estate agents or those in sales will know the value of a good drip campaign or nurturing their clients through the sales process.

Your end game is for your clients to convert and buy that house or to use your services to sell their home, but you also want to provide value throughout that entire process. This allows you to build up some much needed trust between you and your clients and it certainly makes you memorable, the best way to gain those crucial referrals down the road.

Some of the most important things consumers and clients are looking for when it comes to trust are expertise, awareness, and relevance. All three of these are items you can provide your clients by getting your hot leads on a nurture campaign that will convert them to loyal clients.

Start sending this drip campaign for Realtors and agents:

When 83% of consumers trust brands that offer them resources and help throughout the sales cycle, it's a no-brainer that you, as a real estate agent, should be doing the same thing. After all, your clients are trusting you with one of the biggest purchases they'll ever be making in their lives, you'll want them to feel as helped through the process as they possibly can be.


Unfortunately, you don't always have time to hold the hands of each and every client as they go through the home buying process. But that's where the automation of a nurture campaign comes in. No, there's no need for you to lose your personality or forgo the relationships you've built up. If anything, automating a nurture campaign is a great way to augment those relationships by giving your clients some added value, and give you some more time to spend with them in person.


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Converting Hot Leads: An Email Campaign for Real Estate Agents

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