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Video: Trying to Learn at Events - Stop and Listen
Tech Tuesday with Maya Paveza - Check out the latest video from our social media guru, Maya Paveza:
4.67 out of 5 by (3) Users
Video: Tech Tuesday with Maya Paveza (Sep 27)
Watch the latest video from our social media guru! - For today's Tech Tuesday, Maya talks about email communication and mail delivery. Here's what Maya has to...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Time to Reinvent the QR Code?
QR Codes Used in New Ways on Facebook - I finally got the kids to sleep for the night and was settling in to work on some content for The Hip Roof, when I...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Use QR Codes to Avoid Facebooks Pay-per-Click Charge!
Top Producer Hacks Facebook: QR Codes for Real Estate - I considered just holding onto this for my coaching clients, but decided this was too cool and...
5 out of 5 by (5) Users
To Check In or Not to Check In
Where is the Value in Foursquare for Real Estate? - I have been using FourSquare for longer than I can remember, but I do remember listening intently to Dennis...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Fear and Loathing in Social Media
Knowing Where to Start with Social Media - So many people are afraid of social media, or love to say how much they dislike it in the real estate industry. I...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Open Letter to Twitter: Promote Your Engagement, Really?
Shameless Product Promotion Encouraged? - Dear Twitter, I was reading your new advertising plan on promoted tweets, trends and accounts, interesting read in...
4.33 out of 5 by (3) Users
Ever Considered Agent Ratings?
The Power of the Real Estate Referral - Don’t go it alone, look to the people you trust to help guide you to those that you can entrust the largest purchase...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Proactive Propspecting in Real Estate
Don't Just Wait for Prospects to Find You - There are two schools of thought it seems in real estate when it comes to prospecting in social media. There is the...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
To Sell, or Not to Sell, That is the Question
Answering Common Agent Questions - Casey McCann (@CaseyMcCann) recently asked me a question on Twitter, which I want to answer here, because 140 characters and...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Listening is Gold
Build an Understanding for Client Needs - I think everyone needs to listen more, especially Real Estate Agents.  We seem to focus more on what we offer...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Tool or Technique?
When It Comes to Technology, What Makes the Difference? - Back in the late 1980s, I was first using a computer for editorial design work. I kept hearing how...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
6 Degrees of Socialization
The Basic Steps to Become a Social Real Estate Agent - In the last few months I have noticed a remarkable increase in the number of real estate agents...
4.33 out of 5 by (3) Users
The Reality of the Open House
5 Tips to Tell Your Sellers before an Open House - Whenever I take a new listing one of the first questions I am asked by a Seller client is will I do an...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Why Are You On Twitter?
Getting Past Bravado and Looking for Genuine Connections - I am a people watcher. I like to observe and read people based on interactions, body language,...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Why Not Be Social? When Social is Lost.
Are Real Estate Agents Really Utilizing Social Media? - Sometimes I wonder if real estate agents really understand why they are using any social media...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
140 Character Conference & Real Estate: Onto Capitalism!
Expert Provides Coverage and Twitter Take Aways - I just returned from the 140 Character Conference in New York City; it was held at the 92nd Street Y April...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Connections Rule
Build Realationships Using Social Media - I keep hearing social media is about “building relationships”.  I even say it when I teach Social Media for...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Agents: Why You NEED It
Engage Your Community and Win - In today’s highly competitive real estate market, there is a multitude of ways for real estate agents to try to differentiate...
0 out of 5 by (0) User