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Agents of change: how real estate agents can do well by doing good: 12/21/2016

Agents of change: how real estate agents can do well by doing good

By Lauren Walker on the Adwerx blog

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Published: 12/21/2016
Posted by: RET Staff

adwerx_agents_of_change_1Real estate agents are already helping people — it's part of the job description. And the way they help people, when done right, is still an experience that can't be supplanted by technology.

But some agents go above and beyond, weaving charitable giving or good works into their business plan. They host fundraisers or collect canned goods. We are fortunate enough to know some leaders in real estate who are doing well by doing good, and we wanted to highlight how they do it.

Laurie Weston Davis and The Geeky Girl House

adwerx_agents_of_change_2You don't usually think of a house as a gadget, but it's really the most critical thing anyone could have. And Laurie Weston Davis certainly thinks so. While the mission of her team at The Geeky Girls is to share technology information and education for real estate agents, Laurie knew they could do more.

And when she learned about New Story, she was in.

The nonprofit was created in the wake of the devastating hurricane in Haiti. The organization raises money to help one family at a time, so donors know precisely who they are helping.

"The Geeky Girls have always been about helping agents in the real estate industry be better," she said. "Our goal has always been to make the experience of buying or selling a home a great one. And now we are hoping to help a family in need to get that roof over their heads."

That's why the Geeky Girls are building a house, from pillar to post. Not only through their own contributions, but their participation in the Adwerx Affiliate Program is playing a part.

"As an Adwerx Affiliate, we can help real estate agents save on digital advertising. And all our earnings go directly to the Geeky Girls House."

So if you're interested in building your brand and building a house while you're at it, The Geeky Girls can help.


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Agents of change: how real estate agents can do well by doing good

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