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A Real Estate Conference Unlike Any Other!: 08/10/2011

A Real Estate Conference Unlike Any Other!

Chicago Explode Conference

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Published: 08/10/2011
Posted by: RE Technology
In a few days, the Chicago Association of REALTORS® in combination with MRED will be hosting the Real Estate Xplode conference. The date is set for next Friday, August 19th.

If you are anywhere near Chicago and you make a living selling real estate, you should make plans to go. We may even give you one of the tickets we purchased (see below).

The Xplode conference is not like any real estate conference or training event that you have ever been to before. It is like the best conference you have ever attended . . . on hyper-drive.

Every 15 minutes, the conference changes speakers. Information comes at you like a fire hose.


Comments on: A Real Estate Conference Unlike Any Other!
by Donna Janovsky 2011-08-11 06:12:28
The list of speakers is absolutely awesome. I cannot wait to attend this Technology Conference here in Chicago on August 19th. Living in the area, I can come early and stay late.

by Andretta Pierce 2011-08-11 06:51:22
Okay, you got me with this first I was just gonna pass it off as another goofy conference for agents...but with the list of speakers and info suggested by you...I must attend, free ticket or not!

by Nick Patterson 2011-08-11 12:37:51
I've been getting the emails from CAR for the past 2 months- Now we are bringing 3 people in my company to the event. As a man with adult A.D.D the 15 minute format is perfect!! Looking forward to the event, would love a free ticket!

by Marilyn Wilson 2011-08-13 09:41:34
RETEchnology will be there too! Be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!

by Thomas Cowan 2011-08-14 10:03:36
RETECH,you have completely convinced me...I will be there!! You captured my full attention a couple months ago with your daily emails "RE Technology Tools" reports. Can't wait to read through them every day and sincerely appreciate all the great info. As an "older Broker", I truly need some help in understanding all the incredible technology and business solutions that are now available for improving my productivity and bottom line. You HAVE given me that extra boost! I can't wait to attend and will certainly stop by your booth to thank you. I think you are amazing, so I'll just come right out and ask for VIP Pass!!!

See you there,


Thomas J. Cowan

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A Real Estate Conference Unlike Any Other!

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