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5 Real Estate Tech Tools in 5 Minutes: 02/06/2017

5 Real Estate Tech Tools in 5 Minutes

By Lauren Walker on the Adwerx blog

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Published: 02/06/2017
Posted by: RET Staff

adwerx_5-tech-tools-5-minutes_1When Jeff Lobb took the stage at Inman Connect in New York this past January, everyone got out their note-taking tools—five real estate tech tools in five minutes.

Because in what was a whirlwind event of high-minded, conceptual talk, Jeff was ready to drop some serious knowledge and tangible takeaways.

Jeff's message was clear — the tools alone won't make you a successful agent. It's how you use them.

1. Big data

adwerx_5-tech-tools-5-minutes_2This phrase from the tech world has infiltrated real estate, but few really know what it means. "We are sitting on more money in our database now than ever before." But that's it — we're just sitting on it. And it's not complete.

By harnessing the power of a tool like Revaluate Pro, agents can use data to "create the person behind the email," and know more about when buyers and sellers are ready to make a move.

2. Emotional marketing

Agents need to connect with clients by being: memorable, mobile and visual. Be memorable, mobile and visual!

Animoto has been around for a few years, but most agents aren't using it strategically. Using the personalized videos before, during and after the sale can help cement your brand in the sellers' mind and integrate you into the buyer's world.


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5 Real Estate Tech Tools in 5 Minutes

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