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5 Email Tools to Make Follow-Ups Easier: 02/15/2017

5 Email Tools to Make Follow-Ups Easier

By Marc Prosser on the Contactually blog

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Published: 02/15/2017
Posted by: RE Technology


Do you remember the days when email was in its infancy? Do you remember the days when you spent more time checking your answering machine and fax machine than your inbox?

While this may have been a simpler time in some ways, things have changed over the years. In today's world, email remains the number one form of professional communication. It's common to have a love-hate relationship with your inbox. On the plus side, you enjoy the fact that you can communicate in a fast and efficient manner, all without having to jump on the phone or meet in person.

Conversely, there's no denying the fact that "inbox overload" is a real thing. Some people become so overwhelmed that it negatively impacts the way they manage their inbox and how they follow-up on important conversations.

Fortunately, there are a variety of email tools that can help you get organized and stay organized. Here are several of the top tools that make email follow-up easier.


If Gmail is your email provider of choice, is a feature packed tool that can save you time and keep your inbox organized. Top features include:

  • Schedule follow-up reminders (these cancel automatically if you receive a response before your scheduled reminder).
  • Add notes and tags for any contact.
  • View your conversation history to ensure that you take the right steps in the future. is lightweight, easy to use, and powerful.


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5 Email Tools to Make Follow-Ups Easier

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